We are actually here.

“You have turned for me my mourning into dancing; you have loosed my sackcloth and girded me with gladness.” Psalm 30:11

It took me a minute to believe we made it to India. Actually, several, frozen minutes in time. After years of preparation, months of recalibration and many, many, many moments of “I’ll believe it when I see it…”, we are here.

We even made it with all except one bag! Which came later to our surprise.

I have been so eager to share our memories from each week. In fact, as I write this, we are 6 weeks in so here it goes.

Week 1 in Review:

Plane rides for kids were epic-unlimited tv and snacks!

Fresh Lime Soda- a drink I had when we visited here in October 2017 and could not wait to have again. I think this was the moment I felt, yesss we made it.

Playground hopping and outdoor exercise parks: USA, INDIA, it does not matter what country….. our kids are still outdoor kids.

Elephant Ride to Amer Fort- not as glorious as it looks. About one minute after you sit in the reality you are riding an elephant, the “hawkers” start offering this and that souvenir. And when you have a 5 year old who they are enticing…..you end up with…..Garrett the Maharaja. This was one of many hats he tried on.

City Palace was the treasure at the top. A place to visit again for sure to learn more about the history.

Tuk Tuk Rides- our main mode of transportation. UberAuto it is called. Yes, you can uber a tuk tuk…..

Hotel Gtanjali- our first home here in Jaipur. We imagined it would be only a couple weeks, but 5 weeks later…..

And of Course…. My first Kurta

Purchasing my first Kurta was quite the experience. I felt like the queen of England. So many employees stepping forward to offer their assistance. I thought the female employee might try to dress me inside the dressing room! I understand now that service by the hands of many is a cultural norm here.

I also understand now that Indians may have more narrow upper bodies. They size me up, but every time I try on the Kurta they give me, I get stuck in it in the dressing room. I have not ripped one yet though, so phewf.

Adam is getting a good deal here though! In the states it was always messy bun, leggings, big tee shirt and no makeup (which I am still a fan of). Here I am adorned with beautiful clothing, nails painted and makeup for the day! I guess you could say I am “keeping up with the (Indian) Joneses.”

Kurtas have helped my transition greatly. For several reasons.

  • They are light and airy in this Indian heat
  • I feel more comfortable in public and draw less attention than I would in western clothes
  • Upon arrival I was given several opportunities to get Indian attire which equates to, “honey, take some time to yourself and go shopping!” Nothing like retail therapy when you are feeling all the feels of moving to another country.
  • Each Kurta also has a story. Hence the title of my blog. Each Kurta can tell a lot about where I was at that point of time, physically, emotionally and the like and also how much has changed or how much I have grown.

I am excited to share my journey with you and the journey of our children. The kids have been doing amazing, praise the Lord. It might be because their first days in country have been epic. Ice cream, playgrounds, new toys, Nutella on everything and lots of attention from the locals (which at first was exciting).

I am grateful we made it and I am grateful we have been able to make our arrival an adventure of exploration with our children. Next week we will continue to get to know the area and surrounding areas to identify where we want to begin our house hunting.

The Journey Deepens


“The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.” Proverbs 16:9

How it began.

April 12, 2019


I am so excited to share with you about our little Braucher bunch and our time here in India. Our journey here has a backstory of almost a decade. To be here is an honor and a privilege. To be here is a testimony of God and His great majesty.

My hope is to share highlights of our weeks but also struggles and joys weaved into stories told by my Kurtas. Each post will be sprinkled with thoughts about the Lord, cultural revelations and victories using Young Living essential oils. My thoughts are in no way the be all, said all for ways of life in India. They are simply my thoughts and speculations. I hope that the joys and benefits I have received from writing my thoughts will be a blessing to you also.

Thank you for joining me!



May 14, 2021

I felt it necessary to update this introductory post. It has been 2 years since I started this blog and after you read the posts, you will understand the need for this update!

The title of this blog started as “Kurta Daily: Life in India and all the feels.”

Upon returning to the USA with the realization that we were not going back, the subtitle became “Life AFTER India and all the feels.”

Now the title is “Yesterday’s Kurta.”

I considered changing it to something regarding motherhood, but I couldn’t. When I started this blog, I was transitioning to a new life overseas. Writing about our experiences was like therapy. The Kurtas that I inherited while living there were more than just a garment to help me “blend in.” Every day overseas felt like one hundred days in one. When all of your senses are stimulated at the same time with experiences so new, so different, so challenging and so exciting- each day establishes itself as a memory imprinted at the forefront of your brain forever. And each Kurta was a symbol of all that happened in that day.

After returning to the U.S, the intensity of life did not slow down. Maybe it was because of all that happened. Maybe my senses were turned on in such a way, that life would never be the same. But every day still feels like one hundred days in one. Every day is filled with so much incredible joy and heartache. And the Lord has made good on HIS promise. Not one day has HE forsaken me. This life continues to delight and dishearten, but HIS presence is constant, enduring and full of incredible love. So yesterday’s kurta, or leggings or teeshirt or business suit or pjs tells a story worth telling. I hope mine inspire in you ALL the feelings. I’d love to hear yours!



And Now…

August 17, 2022

A little over a year later, I have decided to change the title. So much life has happened since I began this blog and I recently spent some time in reflection, and re-read every post. I found each one, layered with laughter, heartbreak and hope. It has become ever so clear that the majority of my writing describes what life has been like as a mother of children with special needs. Narrating in the midst of this constantly moving, never simple life has become a practice in mindfulness. Every time I write, it is therapy for my soul. And every time I write, I imagine with great hope that there is a woman or a mama sitting on the other side of the screen feeling heard, seen and known through the ability to connect with my stories.

If that is you, I’d be honored to know!